Magnetic Letters

The abcmix magnetic quick click letters are free standing magnetically connected illuminated channel letters. Available is range of sizes from 50mm to 500mm in hight.This plug & play sign system offers a fast, easy and affordable solution for many types of application. The letters are suitable for indoor environments and are extremely bright and robust.

You can use the signs for business promotions, brand marketing or you can use them for personal use, such as wedding ceremony, birthdays or just as illuminated decoration.

The magnetic base connection allows for easy, intuitive and extremely flexible installation, making the letters child’s play to install. The magnetic bases are connected to each other, without limit, for mounting on a flat surface, (counter top, table or display stand). The bases are always the same width, and letters of all sizes can be combined to make your perfect custom message. The letters are LED illuminated making them energy efficient and environmentally friendly. Made from robust ABS with metal bases, they are UV resistant and thanks to the well thought out modular connection system letters can be installed in many different configurations..