ABCmix is the easy to use illuminated LED signage system.

The system offers a unique modular range of ready-made sign elements that can be mixed and matched to allow users a fast, simple & reusable method for creating your perfect illuminated sign.

Magnetic quick click letters, slide rail letters, wall mounted letters, suspended letters, floor standing letters and the new digital letters.

With ABCmix you can create your perfect sign.

It’s as easy as ABC or 123…

Mix and match led signs.

We have developed a series of alphabetic letters from A-Z both capital and lowercase, numeric 0-9, a bunch of symbols like “@”, “#”, “&” etc., and all of them are LED illuminated from within.

Above all, you can freely match any letter, number or symbol to make you own customised illuminated signage.
Where to use our mix and match signs?

Retail stores, exhibition booths, supermarket, malls, schools, government buildings, hospitals, conferences, hotel receptions and many more applications.

With options for both internal and external applications This easy to use system can be used almost anywhere.

Choose the type of illuminated letters you want:

ABCMIX is a global registered brand, the products are patented all over the world.